My name is Alena, I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. I’ve been doing art since I was little, starting with scribbles on the wall of my children’s room. In 2007, while studying Informatics, I discovered digital painting, which later became my main technique. I like to come up with ideas and bring them to life, whether they’re interesting characters/creatures or something else. I have a soft spot for dark things and mischievous creatures. Beside my own art and projects (like Czech Illustration Project – Monthly creation on a given topic) I focus mainly on illustration (both book and gaming) and book covers. Other interests: Books, chess. And a lot of coffee!

Selected work

Illustrations for card and board games

  • Sorcerer (2019, White Wizard Games, designer: Peter Scholtz) – over 30 illustrations of characters, minions, sorceries etc.
  • Timeline: Česko (2018, Asmodee, REXhry) – 110 card illustrations (all sorts of historical events)
  • Timeline: Slovensko (2018, Asmodee, iHRYsko) – 110 card illustrations (all sorts of historical events)
  • Nádejný scenár (2017, MindOK, Love Letter variant) – 8 illustrations of characters
  • RONE – Races of New Era (2015, REXhry, designer: Štěpán Štefaník) – 4 illustrations of units and tactics
  • House of Spirits (2010, Lock ‘n Load Publishing, designer: Mark Thomas) – 4 illustrations

Book covers and interior illustrations

  • covers and interior illustrations for chess books by David Kaňovský
  • covers for a serie of gamebooks Gabriel Knox Gamebook by Jiří Mikulík
  • covers and interior illustrations for books by Tereza Matoušková
  • interior illustrations for a Czech SF magazine XB-1
  • e-book covers for Municipal Library of Prague
  • and more