Alena KubíkováAlena Kubíková (*1988)
Freelance illustrator and graphic designer, living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. She’s been doing art since she was little, starting with scribbles on the wall of her children’s room. In 2007, during her studies of Informatics, she discovered digital painting, which later became her main technique. She likes to come up with ideas and bring them to life, whether they’re interesting characters/creatures or something else. She has a soft spot for dark things and mischievous creatures. Beside her own art and projects she focuses mainly on illustration (both book and gaming) and book covers. Other interests: Books, chess. And a lot of coffee!

Selected works:

Book covers and illustrations

  • Různobarevní střelci v koncovce (2018) – chess book cover and 10 interior illustrations
  • Dračí hrobka (2017, Gabriel Knox Gamebook serie) – gamebook cover
  • 100+1 “nejkrásnějších” studií aneb “absolutní pohoda” – 2nd edition (2017) – chess book cover
  • Conan I., Conan II., Conan III. (2017, Municipal Library of Prague) – e-book covers
  • Chybami se šachista učí (2017) – chess book cover
  • Válka Zrcadel (2017, Epocha) – cover illustration
  • Jeskyně Tisíce přání (2016, Gabriel Knox Gamebook serie) – gamebook cover
  • Nebojme se chameleona! (2016) – chess book cover
  • Děti vánice (2016, Epocha) – cover illustration and 6 interior illustrations
  • Zázračná kněžka (2016, Gabriel Knox Gamebook serie) – gamebook cover
  • Vílí kruhy (2015, Mytago) – book cover and 6 interior illustrations

Illustrations for card and board games

  • Timeline: Česko (2018, Asmodee, REXhry) – 110 card illustrations (all sorts of historical events)
  • Sorcerer (2018, White Wizard Games, designer: Peter Scholtz) – over 30 illustrations (character, minions, sorceries etc.)
  • Nádejný scenár (2017, MindOK, Love Letter variant) – 8 illustrations of characters
  • RONE – Races of New Era (2015, REXhry, designer: Štěpán Štefaník) – 4 illustrations
  • House of Spirits (2010, Lock ‘n Load Publishing, designer: Mark Thomas) – 4 illustrations

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